Soul Grease

Free Our Soul!

From amidst the redwoods and oak trees of Sonoma County rises Soul Grease, fusing elements of Funk, Reggae, Pop, and Caribbean to create a uniquely original sound.

Soul Grease is both a band and a metaphor for how to live in a soul-satisfying way.  As we live our lives, every human takes care of the bare necessities of life.  Just as one need to maintain a car, home, or relationship, we also need to grease the gears of the soul to keep it singing.  Soul Grease is anything that satisfies your soul and keeps it free and alive. 


Soul Grease, the band, is an amalgamation of people who want to express the music in their soul.  While not strictly playing 'Soul' or 'Greasy' music, all the songs created and played by Soul Grease are aimed at satisfying the soul and inspiring people to groove, move, and dance.

Soul Grease is...

Steve Serbins (Drums), Bob Wachunas (Bass/Percussion/Vocals), John Gonsalves (Keyboard/Trumpet/Melodica/Vocals), Michael Zigler (Guitar/Vocals), and Peter Langham (Saxophone).